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ADA NSW members are known to have interesting and exciting ideas and Branch committees allow those ideas to be aired and discussed. Many ADA NSW initiatives are a consequence of active and vibrant committee contributions. Through participation in committees, individual members can influence key issues that impact on our profession and our commitment to oral health.

Members are strongly encouraged to help shape the direction of the Branch and contribute to the advancement of the profession through voluntary service on one of the following ADA NSW committees:

Advocacy Committee

Chair: Kathleen Matthews
Deputy Chair: Michael Jonas
Committee Members: Paul Beath, Alex Holden, Jodie Olivier, Alex Abrahams, Raul Taliana, Srikanth Karumuri, Mohit Tolani, Rohan Krishnan, Kathrina Klinar, Hugo Sachs, Ashley Jones, Peter Lazar (Guest)

This committee has the remit to increase the Association’s influence with government and the general public. This includes responding to requests for comment and developing policy on state-based issues.

Audit and Risk Committee

Chair: Catherine-Anne Walsh
Deputy Chair: Chris Wilson
Committee Members: Kathleen Matthews, Shane Fryer, Tony Burges 

Corporate Governance Committee

Chair: Chris Wilson
Deputy Chair: Tim McAnulty
Committee Members: John Dale, Mark Sinclair, Sabrina Manickam, Prashanth Dhanpal

Education and Research Committee

Chair: Tim McAnulty 
Deputy Chair: Michael Jonas 
Committee Members: Tony Skapetis, Tino Mercado, Anastasia Georgiou, Stephen Yeung, Benjamin Lee, Medhi Rahimi, Cathleen Dong, Andrei Tutoveanu

This committee aims to support members by providing education, advice and guidance on contemporary best practice. Broadly, this committee:

  • develops and oversees leading education/CPD programs (online and in person)
  • liaises with NSW universities
  • considers requests for research support
  • review requests for information.

Executive Remuneration Committee

President: Neil Peppitt
Vice President: Kathleen Matthews
External Member: Tim McAnulty 

Honours and Awards Committee

Chair: John Dale
Committee Members: Chris Wilson, Anthony J Burges, Shane Fryer.

Investment Committee

Chair: Chris Wilson 
Deputy Chair: Kate Amos 
Committee Members: Sabrina Manickam, Prashanth Dhanpal, Ernest Chan 

Nominations Committee

President: Neil Peppitt
Vice President: Kathleen Matthews
External Member: Ron Heinrich AM

Professional Support Committee

Chair: Kate Amos
Deputy Chair: Scott Davis
Committee Members: Christine Premdas-Rogers, Rouel Vergara, Ivor Epstein, Matthew Cohen, Mervyn Katz, Geoff Young, Michael Fong, Peter Duckmanton, Vasuki M DeLillo, Tony Burges

This committee is an evolution of the Dental Practice Committee and is responsible for supporting all members, independent of how they practice or how they are employed. Broadly, this committee:

  • supports members to be the best dentists
  • informs and is a point of contact for the management services of member information and advisory services, including legal, HR and business development
  • reviews the Branch professional indemnity insurance arrangements on an ongoing basis.

Recent Graduates Committee (next appointed in March 2020)

Chair: Rohan Krishnan
Committee Members: Krishan Karthikeyan, Cathleen Dong, Molly Clayton, Chintan Trivedi, Andrei Tutoveanu, Jonathan Harrison, Rashi Garg, Joshal Mehta, Laurence Doan, Jeremiah Schmidt, Anastasia Bakopoulou, Madison Macpherson, Brett Borger

The main aim of the Recent Graduate Committee is to assist new graduates and undergraduates in their transition to and understanding of professional life. This aim includes but is not limited to:

  • promoting the the value of ADA and being an ADA member to recent graduates
  • promoting (and creating) networking opportunities to allow recent graduates to network with other dentists and for continuing education
  • assisting ADA NSW in maintaining relevance to recent graduates
  • providing resources for dentists employing new graduates that will help to mentor and facilitate learning
  • promoting recommendations to ADA NSW Council for matters related to recent graduates.

Sports and Social Committee

Chair: Rob Watson
Deputy Chair: Andrew Prideaux
Committee Members: Christine Premdas-Rogers, Medhi Rahimi 

This committee considers opportunities in sport, the arts and culture for members to experience collegial connection and oversees the organisation of such events.

The schedules for committee meetings vary depending on the committee terms of reference. Some meet on a quarterly basis while others meet only as required such as when a specific issue arises that requires their consultation. 

Contact us for more information on contacting a committee.