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ADAPTS Mentoring Program

Life guidance for a dentist, how to balance the pressure/stress between work, patient, life and family. My mentor is brilliant and has kindly shared lots of his own wisdom. I feel I’m more confident, less stressed about the difficult patient and have become a happier dentist.”  Christina, Mentee - August 2016

“I have really enjoyed the program. Dentistry has never been in such challenging times making it harder for recent graduates and experienced dentists alike; I have benefitted immensely from this new program. Thank you for all your excellent background work as I am sure my mentee and myself will be in regular contact beyond the year's end. It has been "win-win" in my opinion."  David, Mentor - September 2016

2017 Program

We are pleased to advise that the ADA NSW Board has approved the ongoing ADAPTS program for 2017. The 2017 program will commence with all mentors and mentees attending a compulsory induction workshop to be held at ADA NSW, on Sunday 19 February, 2017. The program runs for 12 months. All participants must be an ADA NSW member and registered with the Dental Board of Australia.

We would appreciate all members to consider participating in the 2017 ADAPTS program.

The mentoring program is designed specifically for mentees within their first seven years of registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA) and mentors with seven or greater years of registration with the DBA. A mentee can be someone who is graduating at the end of 2016, though will need to be a student member.

The mentoring partnership will be determined by the goals and objectives of the mentee and therefore be flexible and negotiable. The program is voluntary and confidentiality between the mentee and mentor is essential in order to establish a mutually respectful, honest and open communication.

The program is made possible through the generous support of the ADA NSW members, who volunteer their time as mentors.  In return for their valuable time mentors enjoy the opportunity to give back to the dental community whilst building mentoring and coaching skills.

All participants receive a Mentoring Program Guide/Manual, access to a range of resources and are required to complete a Mentoring Agreement with their mentor/mentee.

Program Registration

Registration for the 2017 program opens 30 September 2016 and closes 20 December 2016. A separate online application form for mentors and mentees with detailed questions is now available to ensure appropriate matching of mentoring pairs. All participants will be advised of application progress by early January 2017.

Click here to complete a Mentor Application Form

Click here to complete a Mentee Application Form

Members can apply as a mentor/mentee pair, provided it is not an existing employer/employee relationship. This program is not designed to assist mentees with employment opportunities; it is a program to aid the mentee in their professional development. In the event a mentee is employed at their mentor’s organisation, the pair will be reassigned.

All current mentors and mentees may agree to continue in their mentor/mentee partnerships and they do not have to reapply for the 2017 program, however if a current mentor and mentee wish to continue they can advise by emailing so we can ensure you are invited to events and receive resources etc.

Program Timeline:

  • Registration opens 30 September 2016
  • Registration closes: 20 December 2016, mentoring partnerships will be notified by early January 2017.
  • Induction workshop: All participants MUST attend a compulsory induction workshop to be held at ADA NSW, on Sunday 19 February, 2017 from 12 noon to 4pm
  • Mentoring meetings: During the program, mentors and mentees should hold regular meetings and the format of these can be decided by the mentoring pairs (e.g. face to face, telephone, email, Skype etc.)
  • Mid year review: August 2017
  • End of Program Review: February 2017

Program Benefits:

Mentoring provides an opportunity for the mentee to work towards professional and/or clinical goals under the guidance of a mentor. The anticipated benefits of the mentoring program to the community include:

  • Improved service through skilled practitioners with appropriate behaviours;
  • Better support networks for practitioners;
  • Less stress and critical interpersonal incidents in the workplace.