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Over the past year, members have provided pro bono dental treatment to 288 patients worth $313,732. The success of the ADA and ADHF volunteer programs is due to our wonderful members who volunteer their time and expertise to help others. We are looking for new volunteers to join these programs so we can provide dental aid for more people in need. Click here to read more.

How you can help


ADA NSW Red Cross Clinics for Asylum Seekers

While there are some pathways for asylum seekers to receive dental treatment in the public system, many live in constant pain waiting. For the past 10 years, ADA NSW has worked with the Australian Red Cross to bridge this gap. We run four clinics per year staffed by volunteer member dentists and dental assistants. We also refer patients who need ongoing work to our members who perform treatment at their practices. Email Madeleine Martin if you would like to volunteer. 

Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF)

The ADHF is a registered Australian charity whose vision is to address the inequality between those Australians who can easily access the dental care they need and those who can't. Through a coordinated volunteer program, the Foundation enables dentists to volunteer within their own practice, providing pro bono dental treatment to those in need of dental intervention. Here are some of the ways you can volunteer:

Dental Rescue Days

Dentists and their staff provide dental care to a group of patients over a half day or full day within their own practice. Patients are referred by local charities and not-for-profit organisations and may have acute dental conditions, be in pain or, because of their circumstances, have been unable to access timely dental care.

On the 23rd of October 2018, the first ADA NSW Dental Rescue Day was held in St Leonards. The pilot clinic's aim was to prioritise pain relief for patients receiving support from charities by providing acute dental services. 26 patients from seven referring charities were treated, receiving $9,800 worth of treatment. If you are able to offer your services for a 2019 Dental Rescue Day at ADA NSW, we would love to hear from you. 

Adopt a Patient

Volunteer dentists and their staff are paired with one patient in need of more complex dental care and the practice will 'adopt' the patient over a few appointments to complete a course of pro bono treatment. The more recently created Rebuilding Smiles program focuses on providing support to victims of domestic violence who require oral care.

Volunteer with ADHF


Madeleine Martin
ADHF NSW State Coordinator
Phone: 02 8436 9942
Email: adminnsw@adhf.org.au

Web: www.adhf.org.au/volunteer


We need 175 dentists to each help one person. The ADHF works with a number of charities who refer people in need of dental treatment. We then arrange for our volunteers to treat patients. We urgently need volunteers to help the 175 people on our waiting list. These are people in pain, unable to easily access mainstream services. We make the process as simple as possible - liaising with your practice manager to arrange appointments for the patient to come to you.

We need dentists and specialists in all areas, with particularly high demand for regional locations and the following areas: Bankstown, Blacktown, Campbelltown, Canterbury, Caringbah, Cumberland, Fairfield, Liverpool, Parramatta, Katoomba and Wollongong. 

Email Madeleine Martin or call 02 8436 9942 if you can provide pro bono treatment to just one person.