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cpd_circle.jpgADA NSW Centre for Professional Development is the leading provider of professional development activities for dentists and their teams in Australia. The CPD Clinical Training Centre provides a world-class venue for lectures and hands-on workshops. Our expert personnel and commitment to quality contribute to CPD's reputation as the leading dental education provider in Australia.

ADA NSW CPD is a division of the ADA NSW Branch established in 2003 and is proud to be the first professional dental clinical training facility in Australia developed by ADA for its members. Established well before mandatory education came into force, ADA NSW identified the importance of maintaining a lifelong commitment to learning after commencing practice, and wanted to ensure that dentists are kept up-to-date with the latest research and skills in contemporary clinical practice.

The clinical training facility at CPD is recognised for its state-of-the-art equipment and technology by its members and is a terrific opportunity to interact with other local, interstate and international dental practitioners. 

Our hands-on courses are enhanced by the audio visual and media facilities within our training rooms, allowing attendees to view live demonstrations up close in detail, which are maintained and produced by CPD’s in-house production company Best Practice Productions (BPP).

With over 100 clinical lectures and workshops run by CPD per year, we provide a diverse range of non-biased educational programs by renowned local and international presenters for the whole dental team. 

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