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Advisory Services

The Advisory Services team consists of experienced dental practitioners (Peer Advisors) who provide on-call, dentist-to-dentist support to members. Using an extensive range of subject matter expertise, Peer Advisors assist members with clinical advice, navigating patient complaints, dento-legal matters and more.

What is Advisory Services?

Hear from your Peer Advisors


Information on our services and resources compiled by our team are available below including quick reference videos and information sheets.

Medibank/ahm Cybercrime
Information regarding the Medibank/ahm cybercrime incident including cyber support and security resources.
Child Dental Benefits Schedule
If you have recently received a letter from the DoH, please click through for key CDBS information.
SafeScript NSW & Canberra Script
SafeScript NSW and Canberra Script registration for dentists open now. Improve medicine safety for you and your patients.
TGA Medical Devices
What you need to know regarding changes to the regulation of personalised medical devices.
Peer Advisors
On-call dentist-to-dentist support for members on a broad range of clinical subjects. 
Information Sheets
Advisory Services has compiled a wide range of member advice across a broad range of topics referred to as Information Sheets.
Dental Records Information Kit
These resources are for practitioners who are interested in evaluating and/or improving their record keeping practices.
Advisory Videos
Short videos advising key topics of interest to members: PI, patient complaints, PHI audits, refunds, new grad guides and more.
Guild Insurance
The ADA NSW Guild Insurance partnership, coverage and benefit details.
Human Resources
Access the national ADA HR Advisory Service for human resources support.
Occupational Health & Safety
Key Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) resources and contacts.