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The Northern Daily Leader Media Coverage: Better support for the oral health industry

Media outlet: The Northern Daily Leader
Article date: 16 May 2022
Reporter: Cody Tsaousis

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) NSW is demanding the federal government better support the oral health industry, with huge public waiting lists putting massive pressure on the sector. In the Hunter New England alone, more than 15,000 adults are awaiting assessment and more than 5000 require treatment, while almost 1000 children need treatment.      

ADA NSW President Dr Michael Jonas, who is based in Tamworth, said NSW Health’s hands are largely tied, as it relies on funding allocations from the Federal Government.

“One of the prime issues is the fact that funding from the federal government to state government to fund public dental health programs is handed out annually, which makes it impossible for the NSW Department of Health to plan long-term oral health strategies,” he said.      

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