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ADA NSW President Dr Dominic Aouad discusses access to dentistry on radio bulletins in NSW and the ACT

11 January 2024

ADA NSW President Dr Dominic Aouad has spoken on radio bulletins across NSW and the ACT to discuss access to dentistry.

This includes appearances on Radio 2CC Talking Canberra, Radio 2NURFM Drive and Radio 990 AM 4RO.

A parliamentary report has stated the cost of including dentistry in Medicare at nearly $12 billion a year. 

Dr Aouad has emphasised the importance of prevention and there needed to be a stronger focus on catching issues before they escalate.

“We know the prevention is better than a cure, and we have so many ordinary families putting this off until things get so bad that they end up being emergencies or drastic procedures rather than  just preventative care,” Dr Aouad told Radio 990 AM 4RO.

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