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ADHF announce additional funding for Rebuilding Smiles to celebrate International Women's Day

Read or download the media release below:

The Australian Dental Health Foundation (ADHF) has announced on International Women’s Day (8
 March 2018), a new partnership with Straumann Group that will further support the Rebuilding Smiles program. Rebuilding Smiles supports dental volunteers to provide much needed dental care to victims of domestic violence.

Mr David Owen, Chair of the ADHF, said "We are very grateful to Straumann Group for their support on this important program. Violence against women is never warranted and this program seeks to help victims and survivors get the dental care they need so that they can have a fresh start to their lives.

International Women’s Day’s 2018 theme #PressforProgress is calling on parity for women. While violence against women exists, parity cannot occur.

In Australia, two in every five women (41%) have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. Domestic violence survivors often experience not just immediate dental trauma but typically have ongoing oral health problems related to lack of dental treatment. Dental damage serves as a visible reminder of the abuse that the survivor has experienced and can greatly affect their confidence. From this perspective, restoring domestic violence survivors’ smiles and overall ‘oral health’ can make a massive difference.

Straumann Group recognised the need for dental care to be provided to victims of domestic violence. It saw the work being done by ADHF with its Rebuilding Smiles program and thought that its business fitted in nicely with the type of services that might commonly be required of victims of domestic violence.

"Victims who escape from domestic violence situations to the safety of shelters have little reason to smile. However, this is changing with the ADHFs Rebuilding Smiles program. That is why Straumann Group felt this was such a worthy cause and recognised that we could make a difference by providing financial and product support to the program’, added Mr Owen.

Straumann Group has generously donated to this program as part of their corporate social responsibility and their commitment to supporting this program will play an integral role in restoring the smiles & confidence of victims.

The mission of the ADHF is to address the inequality between those Australians who can access the dental care they need, and those less fortunate. The ADHF runs a variety of projects and initiatives based on the needs of different communities and through these many dental professionals across Australia have come together to improve the oral health of disadvantaged Australians.

More information on how you can be a Rebuilding Smiles Partner or would like to make a financial contribution to this project, please get in touch via info@adhf.org.au.

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