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ADA NSW Council Ballot open 17 August - 12 September

The ADA NSW Council Ballot is open from Friday 17 August, closing 10AM Wednesday 12 September and all eligible ADA NSW members are encouraged to vote (all members are eligible with exception of student, restricted and honorary members).

The easiest way to vote is online using the confidential BigPulse voting system. Eligible members will receive an email from noreply@bigpulse.com when the ballot opens. Please ensure you allow this email address to pass your spam filter.

If you are unable to vote electronically, you are welcome to return a postal vote. A voting pack including candidate statements, ballot paper and pre-paid return envelope has been sent to your mailing address.

Candidate statements can be viewed here.

ADA NSW Council provides a forum for reviewing general matters relating to the profession of dentistry and oral health policy. Council is also responsible for electing from the group of Councillors the ADA NSW Board, including the President, Vice President and six other Directors. Members of the Board have the legal status of a Director and are responsible for governance, overall strategy and performance of ADA NSW.
While the Board is the governing body that manages and directs ADA NSW, Council contributes to the broader discussions around dentistry trends, issues, Council reports and policies which help to inform Board decisions. Councillors who are not on the Board are not subject to the same requirements and legal obligations of a Director. Councillors meet approximately four times a year and are actively involved in various committees outlined on the ADA NSW website. If members wish to serve as President, Vice President or one of the other six Board directors, they must first nominate for, and be elected to, Council. 

If you have any questions regarding the voting process, please do not hesitate to contact ADA NSW on 02 8436 9900.

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