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Shahidi is a board registered specialist Periodontist working in private practice in Sydney. He has extensive experience in teaching and clinical demonstration at the University or Sydney as well as lecturing locally and nationally on the prevention and treatment of periodontitis / periimplantitis.

Lectures/Courses — 2015-present
Lectures and hands on courses conducted locally and nationally on topics including the modern concepts of periodontal treatment, peri-implant diseases, ridge preservation/timing of implant placement and soft tissue management around teeth and implants.

Sydney Periodontics and Implant Centre — 2017-present
Clinical Periodontist involved in diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases, including non-surgical and surgical management. Surgical treatments include dental implant surgery, bone and sinus augmentation as well as management of biological complications around dental implants.

University of Sydney - 2009-2018
Various roles performed at Sydney University. These include lecturer, oral surgery and periodontics clinical demonstrator, registrar and conductor of a clinical research trial.

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