Recent Graduate Committee



Welcome to 2016 and especially to all the new graduates from Charles Sturt University and the University of Sydney.

There has been a strong interest in nominating for the Recent Graduates Committee (RGC) which is fantastic. It is very positive to see that recent graduates are being active in promoting the goodwill of our profession and our association.

With this in mind, I would like to welcome this year’s RGC members who will be representing you. Our theme this year will be “communication”. We are all striving to communicate well with our team members, patients and, of course, fellow ADA members. With that in mind, our best tool of communication with you is through our Facebook page, so remember to “like” us.

If you prefer to email questions or queries or would like the RGC to represent you in issues that affect you, reach us at

Before you get accquanted with our committee members, here are some exciting updates to events RGC has planned for this year:
  • For the first time ever we will be hosting a special RGC lecture and dinner at the ADA NSW Convention in Bathurst. Save the date for 17-19 November 2016!
  • Our first RGC lecture this year is on Saturday 18 June 2016 (topic and speaker details to be provided later)
  • Dr. Joe Wang
    Chair of the Recent Graduates Committee

Tried, trusted and true: renominated members

  • Joe Wang - Chair

    joe.jpgI’ve been an ADA NSW member since 2012 when I graduated from the University of Otago and moved to Sydney.The ADA has been tremendous with their help in making me feel welcome in Australia and I have gained a lot of knowledge of, and insight into, the Australian private dental market, vast amounts of CPDs available online, friendly staff to answer my calls for help and item numbers.Yes, I had a lot of help with wrapping my head around item numbers when I first worked here!
    With so much support given to me by ADA, I figured out that it’s time for me to give back to my fellow colleagues who have supported me, and joined the RGC.
  • Jodie Olivier

    jodie.jpgThis is my second (and final) year on the RGC. I reapplied because I wanted to finish my time as a recent graduate by continuing to be part of the wonderful events and initiatives that the committee has achieved. As a committee member, I feel more immersed in the profession and inspired to continue to make the dental world an easier place for recent graduates to navigate... and it’s fun spending a sneaky evening hanging out with a bunch of cool people every now and then!
    A shout out to my fiancé, Nick, who was super jealous that I mentioned the rabbit last time and not him.
  • Peter Luu

    peter.jpgAs an extrovert (MBTI – ENFJ), I’ve reapplied to RCG to maintain my valued energy source for inspiration, which keeps me grounded as a recent graduate. The committee meetings are a confluence of unbridled optimism, authenticity and altruism, and I always enjoy the heated discussions about pertinent issues and projects that affect our profession.
    Serving on the committee is my way to cultivate a progressive mind, meet amazing grown-ups with a lot more experience, learn their ways, and learn on-the-job about how to contribute to the changing landscape of our profession.
  • Janice Poon

    janice.jpgAs a Queensland graduate, I have thoroughly enjoyed the events organised by the RGC and the opportunities to meet many like-minded dentists. For the last two years, it has been a real joy to be a part of this committee. Although our meetings are highly productive, they have always felt like we are catching up as a group of friends. If you’ve ever envied the corporate lifestyle of after-work drinks, our committee meetings are probably as close as you will get. 
    Being a dentist clashes with one of the greatest loves of my life… sugar!
  • Krishan Karthikeyan

    krishnan.jpgDentistry has taken me to many interesting places since I have studied and practised it, from a rotation in a NSW health clinic in Ballina, to observing a tumour resection in London, to treating a gunshot victim in Johannesburg, all before graduation.
    I have worked in and around Central Western NSW for the past three years and greatly appreciate the lifestyle, challenges and achievements that dentistry has given me. I have decided to continue in the RGC to contribute to the profession on behalf of recent graduates like me.
  • Archi Shah

    archi.jpgFollowing in my father’s footsteps, I became a dentist after graduating from Bhavnagar University, India, in 2011. I now work at Master Dental in Auburn. I joined the RGC to provide opportunities to network and for continuing education for recent graduates coming to Australia from overseas. I renominated for the RGC as I have the potential to contribute more and hence would love to continue doing so.
    In my leisure time, I love to explore new places on land and underwater, but am not keen on outer space just yet.
  • Melanie Patney

    Melanie-Patney.jpgBeing a part of the RGC allows me an opportunity to play an active role in shaping the future for recent graduates. Last year, the RGC played a pivotal role in recognising the need for a mentoring program amongst young professionals, and earlier this year ADA NSW successfully launched ADAPTS, a program designed to facilitate the personal and professional development of our recent graduate dentists. I look forward to continuing to be a part of a committee that is inspired by collegiality, change and supporting fellow colleagues. By the time you read this, I will be 38 weeks pregnant and eagerly awaiting the new addition to our family!

A fresh approach: new members

  • Samridhi Ojha

    samridhi.jpgFollowing graduation from Griffith University located on the beautiful Gold Coast, I am seeing patients at Sydney Dental Hospital under general and speciality rotations. I found my role as an ADAQ RGC student representative to be highly valuable and wish to continue my involvement this year to further support the professional journey of fellow graduates in NSW. I also wish to get more out of our profession by gaining skills from experienced members of the team.
    After finally having returned home from five long years of dental school, I’d like to enjoy Sydney, spend time with family and learn to swim!
  • Rohan Krishnan

    rohan-(1).jpgThe ADA has brilliant initiatives for members of our professional community to be involved and make a difference, which is something I hope to be able to do. I applied to be on this committee to help young dentists bridge the gap between university and dentistry in the real world. I have an interest in education, having been employed by high schools to teach Extension English in the HSC, as well as by Sydney Uni at the Dental School. I hope this will be another great way to give back to the dental community as well as educate young dentists in a way that will help them as they begin a challenging but rewarding career.
    Living close to the beach, I spend a fair bit of time on the sand but probably spend more time in the sand bunkers during a day of golf!
  • Jessica Zachar

    jess.jpgI joined the RGC to continue my passions for advocacy, policy and providing a support network system for other young dentists. I’m a recent new graduate from Charles Sturt University who is motivated and excited to contribute to the dental profession. I hope to bring to the committee my enthusiasm, dedication and positive energy. I’m very excited to be part of the 2016 team and involved in the upcoming events. A fun fact about myself is that I have a twin brother, unfortunately we do not share the skill of telepathy.
  • Chintan Trivedi

    chintan.jpgI am a passionate dentist with a career goal to provide comprehensive, highest quality dental services in a customer-focused dental practice. I decided to be a part of the RGC because I believe I can share my experiences and the journey from being a new graduate to being a practice owner. I can share ideas and my experience regarding the most common mistakes and common problems faced as a recent graduate. Being an ADC graduate, I can help other dentists with the process. If I am not in practice you can find me either on the table tennis court or in a good restaurant as I am a professional table tennis player and foody.
  • Gabrielle Hunt

    gabrielle.jpgI’m so excited to be part of the RGC. I hope to bring a fresh face and outlook to the committee and look forward to being involved in educational and social events this coming year. I graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2015 and have been working at the Sydney Dental Hospital as part of the new graduate program. When I’m not doing dentistry I enjoy going to the beach and fancy myself as a bit of a yogi!
  • David Stuhmcke

    david.jpgI graduated from the University of Sydney in 2015. I applied for RGC to work with other recent graduates in planning ways to help ADA NSW provide ongoing support for new graduates as they enter a new phase in their life. I’m hoping I can add some fresh ideas and some insight into what it has been like for a 2015 dental graduate entering the profession.
    Outside of dentistry, I love cooking, reading, going to the beach and keeping fit. If I couldn’t be a dentist, I would be a karaoke superstar specialising in 90s' RnB songs.
  • Jess Smith

    jess.jpgWith dentistry developing dramatically every year, it is no surprise that there appears to be a disconnect between the dental student and the dental clinician. Having had my fair share of ups and downs in a variety of clinical environments, I am eager to share my experiences of transitioning into the workforce. As a member of the RGC, I hope to ease this transition process for future dental graduates. As a mum of two boys under 4, if anyone needs any information about Thomas the Tank Engine, Play School or Paw Patrol then I’m your girl.
  • Sushma Gopalakrishnan

    sushma.jpgGreetings! I have been in private practice since graduating in 2011 and have received a lot of invaluable support from peers and mentors. This influenced me to apply to the RGC as I felt it would be a fantastic opportunity to represent our community and assist other new graduates in their transition from dental school to working life. Having grown up in several countries and amongst different cultures and with other qualifications prior to dentistry, I believe I may be able to offer an insight from a variety of different perspectives.
    If you ever see me in person, feel free to come up and say hello – I promise I am approachable even if my face may say otherwise!