Recent Graduates


Recent Graduates Committee - Newly appointed members 2016-2017

ADA NSW represents the views of young dentists through the Recent Graduates Committee (RGC) and holds specific events and functions to enable recent graduates to network and gain CPD hours. There have been a range of initiatives introduced over the past few years as a result of the work of the committee and in response to your feedback.

Recent initiatives

  • A regular RGC column in NSW Dentist every month that our committee members write, about the various issues impacting on young dentists.
  • The ADA NSW pilot mentoring program (ADAPTS), spearheaded by committee member Dr Melanie Patney and assisted by our immediate past ADA NSW President (and current ADA NSW Council Chair) Dr Deb Cockrell
  • The RGC Facebook page
  • Maintaining social connections with our recent graduate members through our recent graduate lecture series twice a year: these lectures have an interactive panel consisting of different dentists from various professional fields – in June a series of presenters spoke on Experiencing the Best and Worst of Dentistry, with accompanying videos. 
  • Three CPD courses this year specifically targeted to our recent graduate members on the topics of crown lengthening and pharmacotherapeutics.
  • Continuing good relationships with the student presidents of both CSU and USyd - the RGC provides input to the ADA NSW final-year student information days to inform students of their professional obligations and help them transition into the ‘real world’ of dentistry.
Some of the plans for 2016
  • building on the mentoring program
  • we have a special place in this year’s ADA NSW Convention at Bathurst on 17-19 November with a special dinner and lecture. This is the first time we have done this! See session 10C for the two slots available in the draft timetable