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Hands-on workshop for challenging endodontic cases

This is a two-day advanced module in Endodontics designed for general dentists to gain confidence in performing simple endodontic treatments and to move a step forward towards moderately challenging cases. 
The course is primarily a hands-on workshop for practising modern techniques of access preparation, locating canals, shaping of the root canal system as well as root canal filling. The participants will gain ample practice on extracted teeth using high magnification devices and CBCT scans with a view to gradual and smooth transition slowly translating into their clinical practice. 

The workshop involves a step-by-step demonstration of procedures followed by a hands-on workshop on extracted teeth. 

Learning Objectives

  • Diagnosis and case selection

  • Locating root canals – including difficult to locate orifices (MB2 – maxillary molars, second Distal – mandibular molars, Lingual – Mandibular incisors) – basic science, clinical applications and hands-on workshop

  • Negotiating and shaping mild to moderately curved root canals – advanced tools and techniques and hands-on workshop

  • Identifying and avoiding potential complications during root canal shaping

  • CBCT – reading and interpreting scans of various case scenarios, clinical applications during hands-on session on extracted teeth 

  • Various uses of ultrasonic endodontic tools during hands-on session

  • Root canal fillings – modern concepts and materials for hands-on practice

  • Pain control in Endodontics – Analgesics and Anaesthesia

  • Endodontic treatment prognosis – to keep or not to keep?

  • Over 6 hours of hands-on experience‚Äč

Other Information

This course requires practitioners to collect  six (6) extracted teeth. Practitioners are also encouraged to bring their loupes on the day. further details will be provided upon registering. 

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Workshop in Advanced Endodontics

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