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Not only are the number of agents that our patients are using is increasing, including the increased use of “alternate” or “complimentary” medications, but also their complexity, with the advent of potent, targeted, biological agents.  The result is an increasing number of our patients will be at greater risk of adverse effects from their medications.  

These adverse effects include the impeding of the safe delivery of dental treatment and the adverse oral and dental manifestations and complications related to the use of medications.

This one-day lecture program aims to identify those patients, the medications they are taking and those drugs that are dangerous to provision of safe dental care for our patients

Topics include

The Medical and Drug History
Know your drugs - classification
Basic Pharmacology Revisited

Classification of Oral and Dental Complications and Manifestations of Adverse Drug Reactions  
Hypersensitivity, anaphylaxis and allergy

Warfarin and DOACs 
(Direct-acting Oral Anti-Coagulants) 

The old and the new – the targeted therapies: the “Biologics”, MABs, NIBs, TKIs 
Safe dental care for the patient having chemotherapy

MRONJ (Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws)
Diagnosis and Treatment
Risk Analysis
Safe dental care for the patient at-risk of MRONJ 

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Triple D - Dangerous Drugs for Dentistry

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