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The Impossible Cases - Made Possible
Presented by: Dr Michael Mandikos
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This program is designed around some very complicated, and at first glance, impossible to perform restorative dental procedures. We have all experienced the situation. Patients will present seeking to improve their smile when their teeth are clearly in the wrong position due to agenesis or aplasia or seeking to correct their teeth which are malaligned or heavily discoloured teeth and their wedding/photo opportunity is just weeks away. How do we deal with such cases?

In this one-day workshop, Michael will showcase many aesthetically challenging cases and some which at first glance appear to be truly impossible to complete restoratively. He will show you how it was done, and pass on tips for proper assessment and diagnostic workup. Michael will share the tips and tricks that can make or break these cases. 

In the hands-on exercise, participants will learn how to do a diagnostic mockup to assess a case and to present it to their patient. 

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The Impossible Cases - Made Possible

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