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Dental implants are an excellent tooth replacement solution and of ever increasing importance in dentistry.  The procedures required may be complex, and achieving successful outcomes can be challenging.  Treatment decisions made prior to implant placement can have a significant impact on the overall success of implant therapy.   

This is a practical, hands-on course designed to provide you with the basis for assessing and handling soft and hard tissues in preparation for implant placement.  We will cover the pre-treatment assessment of the proposed implant site, with discussion and demonstration of the principles of flap design, soft tissue handling, and management of extraction sites and suturing techniques, all of which are all critical to success.  

Topics include

  • Assessment of soft tissue biotypes

  • Clinical and radiographic assessment of hard tissue for implant placement

  • Pre-operative planning for tooth extraction

  • Principles and techniques for minimally invasive tooth extraction

  • Assessment of the extraction site for healing

  • Merits of ridge preservation

  • Considerations in the timing of implant placement 

  • Decision making in soft and hard tissue augmentation

  • Soft tissue handling at the time of tooth extraction and implant placement

  • Suturing techniques for predictable wound closure and healing

Learning Objectives

This course aims to provide dentists with confidence in providing a higher level of surgical care to your patients. The skills learned in this course can be used in routine surgical dentistry and provide a framework for further professional development in areas such as bone grafting and implant placement.

Listen to Dr Robert Fell in the lead up to the course.


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Surgical Skills for Implant Dentistry: Soft Tissue Management, Extractions and Ridge Preservation

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