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The replacement of posterior Class II amalgams has become the bread and butter of the modern dental practice.  With the advent of modern bonding adhesives as well as bulk fill materials, do we have clear guidelines on what to use, how to use it and when? Is there a compromise to speed?  In this day and age, patients are increasingly demanding about the esthetics not only with anterior direct restorations, but also posterior.  Learn how to lift your game in posterior direct composite esthetics and build your practice with techniques that are not only efficient, but will extend the success and prognosis of your direct restorations. 

Topics include

  • Occlusion

  • Occlusal Design

  • Posterior Layering Fundamentals

  • Guided and unguided cusp reconstruction of complex direct restorations

  • Esthetics

  • Anatomy

  • Staining techniques

  • Shading techniques

  • Finishing and Polishing techniques

  • Advanced anatomy and maverick effects

Learning Objectives

  • Review the fundamentals in case assessment and suitability for layered posterior composite restorations

  • Learn how to recreate missing cusps efficiently in a controlled, predictable fashion using a putty stent derived from a diagnostic wax-up/mock-up or pre-operative situation.

  • Discover two techniques to incorporate maverick staining or tinting in the posterior region using Essentia Modifiers

  • Learn how to layer posterior Class I and II restorations to achieve minimal C-Factor influences and excellent chameleon effect.

  • Learn the fundamentals of "how to make a fissure look like a fissure"

Other Information

Course fees include a take home Hu-Friedy StyleSkulpt Kit worth $466 (RRP).

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Simple Posterior Composite Restorations

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