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In today’s clinical environment the success of orthodontic treatment is not only measured by the goals of obtaining an aesthetics, functional and stable result but these goals must also be achieved in an effective and efficient way. To this end, much emphasis has been placed on various appliances systems including fixed and removable. 

The debates over bracket designs, wire types, arch form, ligation techniques, aligner therapy as well as many procedures touted to increase the speed of tooth movement rages throughout the literature. Through all of this the basic requirements for orthodontic tooth movement have not changed over the many years that we have been moving teeth. With the understanding and mastering of ‘simplified common sense orthodontic biomechanics’ orthodontic treatment can be provided in a qualitative manner with efficiency with any appliance system the practitioner chooses. 

Our goal is to set-up simplified force systems to address any type of tooth movement necessary, because in orthodontics ‘tooth movement’ has always been the name of the game. 

Numerous cases and hands on exercises, including wire bending and typodont exercises, will be used to demonstrate various aspects of these ‘simplified common sense mechanics’. 

The main objective is to teach the participant how to utilise these ‘simplified mechanics’ to achieve success in their orthodontic cases using any appliance system. Ideally, to get the most out of the course the participant should have some orthodontic experience in fixed appliances. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and understand various biomechanical principles
  • Understand how to apply various principles to your appliance
  • Understand how to create desired and predictable tooth movements
  • Understand additive and subtractive forces and how your appliance may be helping you or hindering you
  • Understand efficient biomechanics to achieve effective results in a variety of patients 

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