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The success of implants depends largely on the restoration. This program will define the critical factors for fabricating successful implant restorations. It will be a fun day with a ‘Top of the Flops’ presentation of implant failures.

Topics include

  • Impression techniques including when to splint impression copings
  • The choice of material for abutments and crowns
  • Why zirconia fractures
  • When to choose screw retained or cement retained restorations
  • How to avoid cement going subgingival
  • How many implants are typically required for different situations
  • Ideal occlusion for implants and the fundamental differences between teeth and implants and how this affects how we restore them. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and evaluate critical factors when planning implant restorations
  • Apply your knowledge to design a successful implant restoration
  • Solve recurrent problems such as loose abutment screws
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Prosthodontic Management of Implants

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