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Is a ‘temp’ just that? Making and utilising provisional restorations in an efficient and effective manner can make or break some procedures.

Making a temporary restoration is often treated as a necessary evil or inconvenient necessity at best. This course will outline rationale and methods for fabricating provisional restorations (crowns, veneers, and implant-supported prostheses) in an efficient and effective manner which will make this often overlooked and under-appreciated procedure more enjoyable and valuable. A hands-on component will provide participants with the opportunity to fabricate various types of provisional restorations with the techniques explored.

Topics include

  • Rationale: why and when to utilise a provisional restoration
  • Clinical tips: tooth-supported provisionals
  • Clinical tips: implant-supported provisionals
  • Hands-on: fabrication of provisional restorations

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate criteria for successful provisionals
  • Identify different techniques and materials for fabrication of provisional prostheses
  • Fabricate provisional restorations for a variety of clinical situations
Listen to the podcast by Dr John Cho in the lead up to his upcoming course.


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