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After a few years of working with the guidelines and policy and procedures, it is a great time to look back and implement the things that work well and move on from the things that don’t work.

The morning lecture of this course will focus on what you need to know, what you need to do, the current guidelines, helping you make your way through all the information and what documentation and recording is required. The session will cover the latest information to set us on the path to what needs to be done, to maintain the best infection control policies and procedures that we can. To ensure that your practice is meeting requirements for accreditation along with keeping your practice as safe as possible for staff and clients. This session will also help to set up policy and procedures for your practice.

The afternoon session will cover the practical do’s and don’ts, lots of hands on activities plus tips and tricks to help you meet all of the practical components according to the current guidelines.

This program is ideal for the whole dental team.

Topics include

  • Handwashing/handrubs

  • Surgery clean down and set up/contamination zone

  • Barriers yes or no

  • Surgical glove correct placement technique

  • Bags and wrapping.

  • Wrapping a cassette correctly

  • Identify what needs to be tested and recorded

  • Different test types and how they are recorded, ultrasonic, B&D/Helix

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Practical Infection Control and Dental Sterilisation

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