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Modern Concepts in Post and Core
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Presented by: Dr Chris Moule
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Thu 01 Sep 2022

9:00AM - 4:30PM

ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards

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This hands-on course will cover the fundamental principles of post and core systems.


Endodontically treated teeth are vulnerable to failure through fracture and microbial leakage. The goal of the treatment of pulpally involved teeth is to maintain function and aesthetics for as long as possible.


The post and core is a critical final step in endodontic treatment which has undergone many changes throughout the last few decades. Modern materials and techniques provide the opportunity to create a post and core that is strong, minimises stresses to the endodontically treated tooth, is aesthetic and well-retained.


The best endodontic treatment can fail through insufficient restoration. The restorative planning needs to begin before the endodontic treatment is commenced. A decision tree will be presented for restorative options for endodontically treated teeth.


During the hands-on component of this course, the participants will have the opportunity to:

  • take a post space impression
  • place a direct adhesive fibre post
  • place a direct metal post
  • make a direct pattern for a custom cast post
  • trial cements for post, crowns and onlays

Learning Objectives

  • The predictors of successful restorability in the pre-operative assessment.

  • Fracture mechanics in vital and endodontically treated teeth

  • Direct and indirect restorative techniques

  • Choices for indirect materials

  • Core materials and techniques for their use

  • When, why and how to use a post

  • Techniques for avoiding procedural errors in post space preparations.

  • Adhesive and conventional indirect restorative techniques

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Modern Concepts in Post and Core

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