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Module 1:
Fri, 7 February - Sat, 8 February 2020
Module 2:
Fri, 17 April - Sat, 18 April 2020
Module 3:
Fri, 3 July - Sat, 4 July 2020
Module 4: 
Fri, 25 September - Sat, 26 September 2020


Centre for Professional Development
1 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW


CPD Hours: 48.0

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Presented by: 

Adjunct Associate Professor Mehdi Rahimi, Dr Geoffrey Young, Dr Mark Johnstone, Dr Ehsan Mellati, Adj A/Prof. Chankhrit Sathorn, Dr David Barnard, ​Dr Ben Lee, Prof. Paul Abbott, Prof. Ove Peters, Dr Russell Vickers, Dr Nour Tarraf, Dr Firoz Vellani, Dr Langley Tasmania and Dr Kristian Van Mourik.

Module Based Program

This program consists of structured learning modules, which include lectures, practical components, live patient demonstrations, take-home assignments, case presentations, assessments and web-based learning via tutorials. 


The modules of this program aim to cover all theoretical and clinical aspects of non-surgical and surgical endodontics from basic to advanced concepts. Registrants will also learn recent advances in the management and identification of non-odontogenic and neuralgic pain, and be taught methods of pain, behaviour and anxiety control for difficult patients. Extracted teeth and nonsurgical and surgical models will be used by participants to practice endodontic nonsurgical and surgical techniques, and lecture materials and videos will be presented to guide participants through the procedures. 


A number of live patient demonstrations in endodontic management of the open apex, location of the MB2 canal, post removal, endodontic retreatment, and crown preparation of the compromised tooth will also be covered. Intravenous sedation will also be carried out for some of these live patient demonstrations. Operating microscopes will be available for all hands-on exercises. 


Participation is designed to broaden the clinician’s scope of practice and achieve more advanced knowledge and abilities in endodontics. 


Delegates will complete assessments and web-based tutorials. Upon completion of the program, delegates will receive a special certificate of completion of Mini-Residency in Endodontics.

Topics include

  • Diagnosis, pre-op assessment and multidisciplinary treatment planning 

  • Modern concepts in endodontic access design and location of calcified and MB2 canals

  • Use of Cone Beam CT technology in endodontics

  • Current concepts in chemo-mechanical disinfection and obturation with a focus on hybrid warm vertical compaction

  • Principles of contemporary endodontic retreatment

  • Fractured instrument removal

  • Management of the open apex

  • Update on dental trauma management

  • Principles of contemporary endodontic microsurgery

  • Principles of crown lengthening

  • Complications and risk management in Endodontics

  • Management of endodontic misadventures

  • Non-odontogenic Pain and it’s identification and management

  • IV sedation and pain control

  • Live patient demonstrations in management of the open apex, endodontic surgery, retreatment and crown preparation of a compromised tooth

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use the operating microscope

  • Understand how to treatment plan the endodontic case

  • Understand how to assess CBCT scans

  • Understand how to manage complex endodontic cases 

  • Understand how to manage dental trauma

  • Understand the principles of endodontic retreatment

  • Understand the principles of endodontic microsurgery

  • Understand risk assessment and how to manage complications in endodontics

  • Understand crown lengthening and how to restore a compromised tooth

  • Understand the different materials used in nonsurgical and surgical endodontics and the indications for these materials

  • Appreciate the complexity of pain control in endodontics

  • Understand the difficulties in identifying non-odontogenic pain

Other Information

The course will run over 4 modules, each module being two full days. Day 1 will consist of lectures, video demonstrations and web based learning. Day 2 will consist of hands-on training, which will also include some live demonstrations. 

Please review dates carefully for this program as all four sessions are mandatory for registration. CPD's cancellation policy applies to the full course fee and transfers to future sessions are not permitted.

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