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Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice
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Fri 06 Dec 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

Non-Member: $930.00
ADA Member (non-NSW): $690.00
ADA NSW Member: $690.00
Dental Team Member: $595.00
Hygienist/OHT: $595.00
NSW Recent Grads: $595.00

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Medical Emergencies do happen in Dentistry. Are you prepared?

This hands-on course leads to certification in Advanced Life Support for dentists and staff. The training is designed to provide the practitioner and their support staff with a simple algorithm for the management of medical emergencies within the practice.

Participants will learn about the most common life-threatening medical conditions, how to recognise them and how to conduct a quick and accurate clinical assessment and lead the practice team in providing effective treatment.

Equipment training will include 

  • Airway management using advanced airway devices

  • Respiratory and cardiac support using supplementary oxygen therapy, bag and mask ventilation

  • Use of drugs including Aspirin, Adrenaline, Salbutamol, Glyceraltrinitrate and Glucose

  • Use of Automated External Defibrillator and Pulse Oximetry​

Dental Emergency Kits
For more information about the kits, please contact Cynergex Group. Full training should be undertaken before use. The kits have been developed in consultation with dental practitioners and health departments around Australia.

​Scenario exercises are used throughout the course for assessment and certification.  

Topics include

  • Team based approach

  • Latest science and techniques

  • Assessment of emergency conditions and patient status

  • CPR training

  • Advanced resuscitation techniques

  • Oxygen in medical emergencies

  • Airway devices

  • Drug protocols​

Designed For

The course is available to dentists and their staff (including administration staff) on a space available basis.

Other Information

Training option 1: Programs at the Centre for Professional Development Clinical Training Centre
This option is best for those who require only part of their team to be trained at one time. It also makes an enjoyable team-building day for you and your staff.
Training option 2: Programs at your surgery
For groups of more than six team members, it’s more cost efficient to have Cynergex Group attend your surgery to conduct training. Please allow sufficient space in the surgery and reception area for the practical sessions. Contact Cynergex Group directly on 02 9420 4699 for further details.

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Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

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