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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the essential role of the rubber dam in promoting a safe and reassuring environment for both patients and the dental team. Rubber dam reduces aerosol contamination by as much as 98%. Levels 2 and 3 restrictions mandated the use of rubber dam for ALL restorative procedure creating aerosols, not just for endodontics. COVID-19 has changed dental practice, with a much greater emphasis on infection control.

Besides greatly reducing the two-way spread of bacteria and viruses, rubber dam increases practice efficiency. It reduces stress for both patients and the dental team. It creates the optimum environment for the placement of restorative materials and ensures the highest level of medical and legal protection.

This course will teach you rapid and simplified techniques of rubber dam application from single tooth isolation to quadrant dentistry in a full hands-on environment complemented by lectures and clinical notes. It encourages a team approach and the participation of your dental assistant is encouraged.

Testimonials From Recent Course Attendees
A great course. Thank you to the presenters – Dr G.Miller, October 2019
Very informative and well explained!  Definitely recommended for practitioners of any experience - Mr N.Assad, June 2019

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course you will be able to:
  • Choose between a clamp and clamp-less technique
  • Select the correct clamp for a given clinical situation
  • Select the correct weight of rubber dam for the specific clinical procedure
  • Treat 90% of endodontic cases with just four clamps
  • Achieve single tooth isolation for endodontics in 30 seconds
  • Isolate multiple teeth with a variety of techniques
  • Manage problems such as class V restorations and broken-down teeth
  • Utilise your dental assistant in the most efficient manner with rubber dam
Listen to Dr Steve Cohn in the lead up to the course

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