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This informative hands-on course will provide clinicians with relevant & predictable solutions to the everyday challenges faced by dental professionals in this tough economic climate.

The course will cover preparations, tissue management, special tips & techniques for crown & bridge design, impressions, occlusal considerations, temporisation, cementation & function. The hands-on component will include impression taking & temporisation techniques.

This day is specially designed to provide comprehensive, relevant and practical topics in crown & bridgework design & preps that today’s clinician can take away with them and use immediately in their practice to help combat the challenges faced in the current economic climate.

Learning Objectives

  • Diagnosis and treatment planning
  • Impressions: quadrant trays and full arch trays, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Management of gagging patients and patients with limited mouth opening.
  • How to create predictable life-like aesthetic temporaries.
  • Digital impressions: at what stage are we? How commercially viable is it?
  • Tissue Management
  • Post & Cores: when and why?
  • Occlusal considerations: why this is so important and relevant to longevity of your restorations and supporting teeth & implants.
  • Crown & Bridgework: when crown, bridge or implant is indicted to replace missing tooth/ teeth.
  • When to consider zirconia crowns, lithium disilicate crowns and traditional Metal ceramic crowns?
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