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Comprehensive Hands on Program on when and how to crown a tooth

Covering all aspects from treatment planning and case selection to techniques for predictable preparation with bur and instrumentation discussion, delegates will gain confidence to treat teeth requiring a crown. Combining lecture and hands on content, this program will suit both recent graduates and experienced clinicians interested in improving their ability to crown anterior and posterior teeth using a variety of crown material types.

Topics include

Assessment of tooth prognosis and restorability

Preparation principles

Restoration of endodontically treated teeth

Retraction and impression taking

Integrating fixed and removable prosthodontics: survey crowns and overdentures

Learning Objectives

To effectively treatment plan when a crown is indicated

Crown preparation principles of anterior and posterior teeth

Crown material selection and indications

Clinical techniques of crown preparations

Retraction techniques and predictable impression taking

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Fundamentals of Tooth Prosthodontics

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