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Full-day Lecture

Filling the Endo Gap is a two-part endodontic program consisting of a one-day lecture (Part 1), and a two-day lecture and hands-on (Part 2). This program will review the basic biologic principles behind endodontic treatment and enable participants to carry out routine endodontic treatment in an effective and efficient manner. 

Filling the Endo Gap - Part 1 is a full-day lecture on ​basic endodontic treatment and is mainly designed for new graduates, overseas dentists, and those dentists who wish to freshen up their basic endodontic knowledge and skills.  

The aim of this course is to 'fill the gap in Endodontics' and help with the learning curve in cases when students leave dental school and enter the private practice. This course is also designed to help overseas dentists who are planning to sit the ADC exams.


Filling the Endo Gap - Part 2
Friday 20 - Saturday 21 January 2023

Following a series of specifically designed lectures (Part 1), attend a hands-on program in Filling the Endo Gap - Part 2.  Each participant will carry out various clinical exercises on specifically designed endodontic models and natural teeth - from rubber dam and access to root canal preparation to obturation, with every step discussed with interactive demonstrations.  In addition, topics will include Temporisation of teeth with orthodontic bands, and a lot of the demonstrations will be via a microscope for the best learning experience.  

Filling the Endo Gap - Part 1 MUST be completed prior to attending Filling the Endo Gap - Part 2 and seats are limited.

Topics include

  • Diagnosis and pre-operative assessment
  • Treatment planning
  • Rubber dam isolation and Access 
  • Instrumentation and irrigation
  • Obturation
  • Temporisation

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the importance of diagnosis before embarking on endodontic treatment"
  • Pre-operative assessment and treatment planning; understanding when not to do Endodontics
  • How to master the rubber dam isolation for routine endodontic cases 
  • Understanding root canal anatomy and objectives to endodontic access design and preparation"
  • Tips and tricks for location of MB2 canal 
  • How to effectively negotiate the root canal system with modern and conservative techniques
  • Understand the principles of conservative rotary instrumentation regardless of the system being used 
  • Rationale behind the use of medicaments and irrigants 
  • Modern concepts and techniques of obturation with focus on warm vertical technique for obturation 
  • Understand importance of an appropriate temporary seal with an emphasis on correct use of orthodontic bands to avoid fracture or loss of seal
  • How to deal with endodontic emergencies
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