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A dental practice is usually one of the most valuable assets in a dentist's life.

When it comes time to sell, many will do so with little understanding of the value of what they are selling and how to present it effectively to a buyer. Others delay putting their practice on the market at an optimal time, fearful of what to do next and afraid of a loss of their identity. 
This course explains:

  • How to prepare your practice for sale to optimise the result in price, terms and compatibility with the purchaser.
  • Which exit strategy is right for your practice and why
  • When is an optimal time to maximise the return for your asset
  • Pitfalls owners fall into that devalue their practice in the final years of ownership
  • Steps you can take to improve the outcome in the final years of ownership

Topics include

  • Exit planning: how do you get your practice ready to sell?
  • What are the pros and cons of the exit options/strategies available to you?
  • Succession Planning: What do you need to do now to prepare?
  • What is the likely profile of the buyer for your practice and what will they be looking for?
  • Valuing Dental Practices: What/where is the value in your practice?
  • How do you handle staff discretion, confidentiality and disclosure?
  • Legal agreements
  • Effective strategies for transferring patients effectively from seller to buyer
  • What to do next post sale? Post-sale strategies
  • Tax implications and strategies on sale
  • Guest expert finance, legal, accounting speakers

Learning Objectives

  • Preparation work - how do you get your practice ready in order to sell?
  • Learn which exit strategy option is right for your practice, and why
  • What to do if you plan to sell your practice in the next few years to come…how to increase its value, and what not to do
  • Understanding the different accounting considerations
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Exiting Your Practice and Maximising Your Outcome

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