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Basic Orthodontics for the Paediatric and General Dentist
Presented by: Dr Eric Lowenhaupt
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Fri 08 Nov 2024 - Sat 09 Nov 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

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Paediatric and General Dental specialists are often curious if they would enjoy offering orthodontic treatment to selected patients in their practices. In today’s competitive practice environment, the practitioner is often overwhelmed by the types and number of different orthodontic courses available. To be effective in achieving ideal results for your patients the modern practitioner must be knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of dentistry.  

In orthodontics, it is important to understand details of differential diagnosis, prognosis, treatment planning, treatment options, biomechanics and retention. Many orthodontic cases can be treated by a non-specialist and many should only be treated by the specialist. By functioning together with the specialist for the good of the patient we can look forward to achieving fine results for our patient’s families.

In daily practice, paediatric and general dentists encounter patient conditions including anterior and posterior cross-bites, ectopic eruption, crowding, Class II & III malocclusions, missing teeth and aesthetic situations.

This two-day Introductory Orthodontics Course is specifically designed for the paediatric and general dentist looking for a sophisticated, evidence-based yet clinical approach for orthodontic treatment. Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, treatment mechanics, retention design, trouble-shooting and evaluation of chief complaints. This course is not designed to give the participant the ability to treat all cases but rather is tailored to giving the participant insight into the possibilities of incorporating orthodontic services into their practices and what that might entail.

Topics include

  • Identifying simple and complex orthodontic cases               

  • What you will enjoy treating and which cases to refer 

  • What orthodontic records are needed and how to obtain them 

  • Identifying and using various orthodontic pliers 

  • Basic orthodontic band and bracket placement 

  • Basic case diagnosis, prognosis and treatment design 

  • Age appropriate treatment timing decisions 

  • Space maintenance issues

  • Basic orthodontic arch-wire bending and placement - Hands-on typodont for each participant

  • Basic use of orthodontic force systems 

  • Basic orthodontic troubleshooting 

  • Basic orthodontic detailing and finishing 

  • Basic phase I and phase II orthodontic retainer design and placement

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Basic Orthodontics for the Paediatric and General Dentist

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