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The lecture course provides an update in the selection and use of methods for vital bleaching, to maximise clinical effectiveness as well as safety.

Learn about the current status of tooth whitening technologies for in office and at home use, and how to maximise their effectiveness.

Topics include

  • Patient work-up and consent
  • Shade assessment
  • Causes of discolouration
  • Case selection and contra-indications
  • Whitening versus lightening
  • Chemistry of bleaching systems
  • Choice of systems; chemical vs light activation
  • Maximising effectiveness of individual systems
  • Safety considerations for hard tissues and the dental pulp
  • Soft tissue isolation; material application for in-office bleaching
  • Intra-operative complications and their prevention and management
  • Post-operative advice; shade relapse and its prevention
  • Maintenance products for at home use
  • Advanced oxidation processes for bleaching
  • Photothermal, photochemical and photodynamic processes for bleaching
  • Handling peroxide resistant stains and tetracycline staining
  • Current status for the regulation of whitening products and practices in Australia

Learning Objectives

  • Correctly identify staining patterns and factors responsible for discolouration
  • Develop a thorough patient assessment scheme
  • Recognise cases that require more complex bleaching treatments
  • Appreciate how lightening methods can enhance results
  • Select methods for maximum effectiveness
  • Recognise side effects and prevent them occurring
  • Recommend appropriate home care strategies for dealing with extrinsic stains

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