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Obtaining and documenting informed consent in general dental practice

Possibly confused about when and how you should obtain and document consent? Are you unsure if your current consent procedures meet recommended requirements? 

You are not alone! Many dentists find their obligations around consent complicated and confusing. Consent for dental procedures is sometimes assumed rather than given and often poorly documented. The consequences of not correctly obtaining and documenting consent can vary from patient dissatisfaction to consumer and professional complaints proceedings, medico legal claims or, in the worst case scenario, civil legal proceedings. This course sets out to clarify the consent process and provide a take home framework for implementing clinical systems around obtaining and documenting consent in everyday dental practice.

Topics include

Presented by Ms Marianne Nicolle

  • Understanding consent – what constitutes consent and when is it required
  • What are the differences between valid consent, informed consent, and financial consent
  • Obtaining consent from guardians, care providers and parents

Presented by Dr Wayne Sherson

  • Obtaining and documenting consent – this presentation will combine video clips, role play and audio visual aids with interactive discussion to highlight how best to obtain and document consent. Discussion will focus on communication barriers in the consent process and implementing systems in clinical practice to ensure consistent documentation of consent

Presented by Dr Craig Brown

  • Invalid consent – A medico legal perspective on what happens when consent is not correctly obtained. A series of case presentations from ADA NSW Advisory Services will form the basis of discussion about some of the consequences of invalid consent and how the outcomes could have been changed through correct consent procedure

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