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Staffing issues cause many headaches in dental practices. Take control of the problem by learning the basics of good HR practice. Join Mark Werman, who heads-up the ADA HR Advisory Service, and who has been advising ADA members with their HR and staffing issues for over 20 years, as he guides you through a practical full day course in how to implement good, functional and legally compliant HR systems and processes in your practice.

This course will provide you with the essential tools for developing job descriptions, interviewing, hiring, evaluating job performance and conducting reviews within the legal requirements.

Topics include

  •  How to Recruit Quality Staff for Your Dental Practice. Focuses on the key elements necessary for securing good quality staff, including:
    • How and where to source quality candidates
    • How to write an advertisement that stands-out
    • How to interview effectively
    • Reference checking 
    • Contract issues, and
    • Induction
  • How to Lift the Performance of your Dental Team – from Mediocre to Marvellous. Focuses on the four key components of good performance management: 
    • Job descriptions
    • Performance appraisal
    • HR Policies and Procedures, and 
    • Remuneration
  • How to Avoid the Number 1 Dental Workplace Mistake: Employee v Contractor. Focuses on helping practices avoid and fix-up the number 1 dental workplace problem
    • Learn how to apply the 'tests' that determine the difference between an employee and a contractor
    • Learn how to address the Issue If you have 'contractors' who really are employees
    • Establish proper contractual agreements that reflect the correct workplace arrangements 
  • How to Avoid the Other Employment Legal Minefields. Focuses on three key areas of employment legal compliance, including:
    • Key elements of the Fair Work Act – including unfair dismissal (and how to avoid an UD claim)
    • Key elements of the Health Professional & Support Services Award
    • Work, health and safety compliance In dental practice
  • How to Create a No-Bullying Workplace. Focuses on the key steps to create a no-bullying workplace in order to avoid a bullying complaint:
    • How to write and implement a No-Bullying Policy
    • How to set-up other systems to ensure a practice zero-tolerance of bullying
    • What to do if you receive a bullying complaint and how to conduct an investigation
  • How to Avoid a Sexual Harassment complaint. Focuses on the key steps to avoid exposing you and your employees to a sexual harassment claim
    • With Increased media attention and the growth of the #MeToo movement, dental practices are particularly exposed to sexual harassment claims
    • Learn how to develop & Implement a Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Policy
    • Key elements of your staff training program to raise awareness of sexual harassment In the dental workplace
    • What to do if you receive a sexual harassment complaint and how to conduct an investigation

Learning Objectives

• Effectively implement human resources initiatives that are vital to your practice’s success




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Employing Quality Staff for Your Dental Practice

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