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The Dynamics and Dilemmas of Drugs and Disease in Dentistry

A 2-day program, with an evidence-based approach for dentists, on comprehensive clinical therapeutics, concerned with the quality use of medicines and expanding their prescribing power and knowledge of drugs and disease. The course’s comparative drug information, within both the general and specialist dental fields, will better enable dentists to build a comprehensive drug armamentarium today, for confident drug selection and prescribing tomorrow. 

Topics include

  • Principles of prescribing in dentistry
  • Medicinal pharmacology in dentistry
  • Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs 
  • Clinical pharmacotherapeutics in dentistry 
  • Drug interactions and drug substitutions 
  • Patient medical history analysis
  • Special patient groups (children, elderly, geriatrics, palliative care, pregnant and breastfeeding, hepatic and renal impairment, obese patients, substance abuse and addiction, and more)
  • Interactive case presentations highlighting the various topics covered
  • OTC (over-the-counter) and herbal remedies
  • Future drugs in dentistry
  • Drug information centres and reference texts for dental practices

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the therapeutic applications of drugs, based on their underlying pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, while concentrating on the pharmacology of these agents - widely used in routine general and specialist dental practice
  • Explore the physicochemical and molecular properties underlying drug action, drug metabolism, bioactivation and inactivation, identification of drugs and their metabolites, and toxicology - within the scope of clinical therapeutics governing dental prescribing
  • Explore therapeutic drug classes targeting specific macromolecular proteins (enzyme, G-protein coupled receptor, nuclear receptor)
  • Understand the physicochemical principles, design, formulation and manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms (i.e. liquids, tablets, topical creams, ointments and sublingual delivery systems) within the scope of dental prescribing.
  • An understanding of the profession of pharmacy and industrial pharmaceuticals, the Australian health care and drug distribution systems, and the National Medicines Policy, including the National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines 
  • Reviewing the legal prescribing rights of dentists, clinical effects of changing formulations, therapeutic dosage regimens, drug scheduling and the prescribing of PBS/non-PBS approved medications
  • Understanding drug monographs and exploring their individual clinical indications/contraindications, precautions, MOA (mechanisms of action), side effect profiles, brand names, product lines and brand substitution, PBS information and off-label uses, including specific patient counselling points and treatment considerations within the dental context
  • Appreciate that medicines may produce adverse effects (as well as beneficial ones) and various interactions with varying severities. Develop an understanding of the mechanisms underlying these adverse reactions, the principals for prevention and therapeutic management
  • Understanding the effects of disease, other drugs, and the genetic makeup of individuals resulting in variable reactions, responses and clinical outcomes
  • Explore drug information centres and clinical reference texts for drug profiles and medication safety for comprehensive dental prescribing
  • Discuss specific drug interactions in dental prescribing and explore recommendations in prevention and treatment - across the full range of dental disciplines.
  • Participate in multiple case presentations.
Improve your therapeutic drug knowledge today and apply it tomorrow.

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