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Things you need to know

This program is a follow up from session 10 addressing the techniques on finishing and detailing cases and Dr Lowenhaupt’s tips and tricks he has acquired over 30+ years of Orthodontics.

Multiple cases will be utilized to demonstrate various aspects of mechanics, finishing and detailing and various treatment modalities. As always interest will be paid to the best available ‘evidence based information’. Additionally, multiple treatment ‘pearls’ will be shown to make your practice easier and more efficient. 

Learning Objectives

  • Tips for efficient treatment of Class I, Class II and Class III malocclusions in the permanent and mixed dentition
  • Tips for finishing and detailing in various occlusions 
  • Lower incisor crowding in the mixed and permanent dentition? 
  • What orthodontic techniques that have been found to be flawed
  • Wire sequence and the most efficient mechanics
  • Class III treatment in permanent and mixed dentition 
  • Learn multiple ‘pearls’ for dealing with the orthodontic patient and parents. Bridging the gap between theory and reality 
  • Additional extraction case scenarios 
  • Orthodontic failures and how to try and avoid them
  • Long term retention results and criteria

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