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This two-day hands-on seminar offers personalised, high level training for general dentists wishing to pursue excellence in endodontics, and will teach state-of-the-art evidence-based procedures in root canal preparation and obturation, with a focus on recent advances in endodontic diagnosis and materials. Important techniques for avoiding and managing endodontic procedural problems will be analysed in detail, and participants will be introduced to contemporary methods for removal of obturation materials and obstructions from root canals.
Lecture material will be presented utilising microscope-assisted clinical video, and the workshop portion of the course will provide a hands-on opportunity to use the most clinically relevant rotary NiTi systems and obturation methods. Modern techniques for removing posts, gutta percha, and fractured instruments will be demonstrated, with operating microscopes available for all hands-on exercises. 
Participation is designed to improve your clinical results, efficiency, scope of practice, and professional satisfaction.

Topics include

  • Update on endodontic diagnosis and treatment planning, including the role of Cone Beam CT imaging and protocols for managing cracked teeth

  • How best to use rotary NiTi systems, and the concept of reciprocating instrumentation (hands-on)

  • Advanced use of irrigants and the role of ultrasonic activation (hands-on)

  • Integrating rotary NiTi instrumentation and obturation to improve efficiency and achieve predictable results (hands-on)

  • Optimise the accuracy of the electronic apex locator

  • Evidence-based concepts and practical considerations on single vs multi-visit endodontic treatment

  • Prevention and management of procedural complications such as canal transportation, loss of length, perforation, and instrument fracture

  • Live demonstrations on extracted teeth will clearly show step-by-step techniques for removal of gutta-percha, posts and broken instruments (hands-on)

  • Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) in endodontic obturation and perforation repair (an opportunity to use MTA)

  • Principles of modern endodontic surgery with demonstrations of ultrasonic retropreparation and retrofilling (hands-on)

  • Two afternoons of hands-on practice with the aid of operating microscopes, closely supervised by endodontists

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to appreciate:

  • How to accurately diagnose and treatment plan endodontic cases

  • Advances in radiographic techniques

  • How to assess and manage cracked teeth

  • Strategies and practical aspects of canal preparation with rotary NiTi

  • Working length determination and the use of electronic apex locators

  • Modern concepts of root canal obturation

  • How to avoid and deal with procedural complications

  • The role of MTA and practical aspects of handling this material

  • Principles of removal of obturation materials and canal obstructions

  • Indications and principles of endodontic surgery

  • An understanding of the role of the operating microscope

Other Information

‚ÄčThis course requires practitioners to collect and prepare access cavities on six (6) extracted teeth. Practitioners are also encouraged to bring their loupes on the day. Further details will be provided upon registering

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Advanced Contemporary Endodontics

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