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Update on Trauma Management

Dental and facial injuries are relatively common so it is inevitable that most dental practitioners will encounter and treat dental trauma in our everyday practice. This course will cover the many aspects of dental trauma involving children, adolescents and adults. 

These situations can be challenging as the patient is often distressed and in pain. The ability to assess the situation and provide appropriate treatment has an impact on the outcome of such injuries. 
The presenters of this course bring a wealth of experience in the treatment of dental trauma injuries and will highlight the need for an interdisciplinary approach in many of these situations.

Topics include

  • Trauma in the primary and permanent dentitions
  • Essentials of acute trauma assessment
  • Aetiology and diagnosis of acute dental trauma including long term prognosis
  • Classification of dental injuries
  • Initial management of adult dental trauma
  • Assessment and management of severe dental trauma and bone fractures 
  • Endodontic considerations and trauma management
  • Treatment priorities and options
  • Providing comprehensive care for the trauma patient
  • Complications in healing
  • Long term consequences of dental trauma

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