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Leif Svensson
With the unrelenting pace of digital innovation in dentistry it is imperative to stay abreast of not only the latest technologies but also their application in real world practice. Immediate tooth replacement can be one of the most difficult work flows to undertake in removable prosthetics. 

In this lecture we will seek to understand how you can use intraoral and other digital platforms to get fast, thoughtful and accurate removable restorations whilst you consider long term treatment considerations. This Interactive lecture is part of a digital series looking at how to use an Intra-oral scanner and peripheral software platforms to create amazing treatment outcomes.

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Receive $500 worth of lab work Free* when you attend one of Leif Svensson’s ADX20 Sydney lectures.
Lab work includes: one (1) x free crown, one (1) x free occlusal splint, and one (1) x free surgical implant guide. Total value $500.
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Lecture’s applicable for this voucher offer include:


Topics include

  • Scanning full arch immediate cases. 
  • Addressing issues of compression in full immediate prosthetics
  • How to help your patient maximise their health fund rebates In an immediate tooth replacement context (they will love you forever!)
  • Real life case studies in both partial and full immediate prosthetics
  • Impossible occlusions recorded digitally 
  • Managing patient expectations of an immediate restoration

Learning Objectives

  • Tips and trick on how to get a great full arch scan with teeth in situ.
  • Is compression really needed? Discussions and case studies suggesting It may not be as important as commonly thought. 
  • Utilising temporary denture solutions to save your patients and improve long term Immediate tooth replacement treatment outcomes.  
  • Looking at real life full and partial Immediate scanned cases, successes and challenges of them
  • A close look at occlusions where digital technologies come into their own. Learn why if nothing else for occlusal record taking you should get an Intra oral scanner
  • Patient psychology and how to articulate your treatment plan to your patients well.  

Other Information

*Terms and Conditions apply;
  • Voucher available to practicing Dental Practitioners only (Hygienists/DA’s/OHT’s and Dental Team members are not eligible for voucher)
  • Limit of one (1) voucher per Practitioner, regardless on the number of courses attended
  • Voucher to be supplied after attendance at ADX20 Sydney presentation given by Leif Svensson
  • Voucher must be collected on the day of the lecture and will not be mailed or supplied after ADX20 Sydney
  • Voucher has no cash value and is not transferable

We are not taking registrations for this event at this time. (Missed cutoff date)