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Dr Jason Smithson
“Nature is chaos in balance” - Tom Sing

The restoration of the anterior dentition with direct composite resin has today advanced beyond the simple “white filling”. Modern composite resins, tint systems and finishing protocols can be utilized alongside a deep understanding of dental morphology to allow the skilled operator to create restorations which are indistinguishable from nature: fractures, cracks, wear facets and complex surface anatomy can all be modelled alongside subtle opalescence and life-like opacities.

Topics include

How resin selection goes far beyond simple shade taking: consideration of relative translucence; why, when and where.
A simple, rapid, yet novel concept to make incisal edge shade and effects obvious and effortless.
Opalescence and how it is recreated with direct resin.
Simple, intuitive finishing protocols, which allow the operator to produce highly, polished restorations, which mimic natural enamel.

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