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Dr Mark Wotherspoon
Dr Mark Wotherspoon has been a  general private dentist for over 30 years. For the last 4 years Mark has developed a financially viable , part -time portable dental service that offers access to basic dental services for residents of Aged Care Facilities and also for patients who are house-bound or require assisted living.

“The set up costs are relatively small. For the cost of a mobile unit, you can effectively add an extra chair to your surgery. I will share the financial model I use, which includes a call out fee. I have a business model that is low cost and financially viable to assist my existing patients and also expand into this rapidly growing demographic. Come along to learn how I did it, why I did it, and how you can grow your patient base plus add an extra revenue stream to your practice.” - Dr Wotherspoon.

The presentation will introduce you to Resident Centred Care, Portable Dentistry and take a hard look at the real costs in time and money. At the core of Dr Wotherspoon's presentation are his  "27 lessons in 37 mins” which will assist you in making an immediate start into this exciting and rewarding field of Dentistry.

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