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Dr Aodhan Docherty

A Review of the 'Must Do' Techniques and Tips

There is a increasing shift from using indirect materials to restore anterior teeth, to the use of direct composite resin. This is due to a multitude of factors including the reduced cost and time to the patient for direct procedures and a greater sense of importance in preserving tooth structure. However, creating a beautiful, life-like composite resin does pose a challenge to even the most skilled clinicians. 

This lecture will focus on providing an understanding for the different methods of shade selection, the types of isolation and their indications, the use of a single shade vs multiple shades, which instruments and materials can be used to place anterior composites, and tips for the finishing and polishing of these restorations. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the different methods for shade assessment for anterior composite resin
  • Understand the different types of isolation for anterior resin restorations and their clinical indications 
  • Developing the ability to decide whether a single shade anterior composite will suffice or if a polychromatic layering approach is required to achieve an acceptable result
  • Discussion on the instruments and materials available for the placement of composite resin
  • Discuss the finishing and polishing techniques which are key to creating anatomical restorations which are highly aesthetic 

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