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What do we do when a direct restoration would seem wildly optimistic, yet a crown overly destructive?


ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development are proud to offer this special two-day course with Dr Jason Smithson, a leading light in the field of direct composite resin artistry and minimally invasive all-ceramic restorations, to Australian dentists in 2020! 


In recent years it has become well accepted that direct composite resin restorations are predictable in small to medium sized cavities; similarly, the durability of full coverage crowns is well known. However, the grey area is when a cavity falls somewhere between the two: what do we do when a direct restoration would seem wildly optimistic, yet a crown overly destructive?


These and many other similar questions go through the mind of the busy general practitioner many times every day. This comprehensive, evidence-based workshop offers clear, easily understandable protocols to simplify the decision-making process and compliments this with end-to-end workflows to rapidly restore posterior teeth with direct composite resin in more simple cavities and ceramic onlays for more broken-down teeth. Likewise, protocols for both direct resin and full coverage crowns are explored in the anterior dentition. This class is 75% Hands-On.

This is a unique CPD education experience not to be missed! Register now as places are limited!

Topics include

  • How to place a Class 1 direct composite resin with amazing life-like occlusal morphology enhanced with tints.

  • How to restore a large MID fracture on an anterior tooth with direct-resin, yet achieve aesthetics to rival porcelain.

  • How to create believable incisal edge effects such as opacities, incisal edge halos and crack lines.

  • How to rapidly polish to recreate natural enamel surfaces

  • How to prepare ultra-conservative ceramic onlays in teeth, which are too heavily broken down for direct resin whilst avoiding full veneer crown preparations: step-by-step protocols for simple, rapid preparation from compromised tooth to ideal prep within 10 minutes.

  • How to deal with margins, which are deep within the gingival sulcus: GME (Gingival Margin Elevation) for hard tissue conservation, simplified impression taking and easy cementation. 

  • How to optimize bond strengths in conservative non-retentive onlay preparations with IDS (Immediate Dentine Sealing).

  • How to simply and predictably prepare an upper central incisor for a full veneer crown and produce a beautiful, predictable all-ceramic restoration.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the ceramic onlay and full veneer crown

  • To be able to prepare a central incisor for a full veneer crown

  • Prepare an upper first molar for an MOD Ceramic Onlay with IDS, GME and fabrication of a provisional restoration.

  • To understand Class 1 and Class 4 restorations

  • Successfully place a Class 1 direct restoration with dentin and enamel shades and fissure tints

  • To be able to restore an upper incisor tooth Class 4 with direct resin, create life-like incisal edge effects and finish with a rapid efficient polishing protocol

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A Restorative Mini-Residency

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