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Simplifying Aesthetic Anterior Composite Resins
Presented by: Dr Michael Mandikos
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Fri 25 Oct 2024

9:00AM - 4:30PM

ADA NSW Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison Street, St Leonards

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Achieving excellent aesthetic and functional results when restoring anterior teeth.


Beginning with a lecture covering the relevant physical properties required of composites to be used for restoring anterior teeth, this one-day course explores the concepts of colour as they relate to tooth shade selection. As there are presently so many options on the market, the importance of opacity/translucency as distinct from colour alone will be explained to assist participants in selecting composite systems for use in their practices.

Finally, the multi-layered approach to restoring anterior teeth using varying opacity of composites will be demonstrated together with simplified techniques for build-up, finishing and polishing.


The practical exercises in this course will allow participants to restore typodont teeth utilising a multi-shaded, aesthetic composite system and the layering techniques presented in the lecture.


After the course, attendees should have a greater understanding of the newer composite technologies available to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results when restoring anterior teeth.


Topics include

  • Current composite resin technologies and systems designed for aesthetic, single and multi-layered build-up techniques
  • Shade selection - understanding colour and teeth
  • A simplified approach to multi-layered anterior composite restorations
  • Finishing and polishing techniques for microfill, microhybrid, and nanocomposites
  • Can composite resins restore adequate function and aesthetics?
  • Indications for choosing between composite and ceramics
  • Are composite restorations cost-effective for the patient and the dentist?
  • Clinical examples to illustrate techniques for easier practice
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Simplifying Aesthetic Anterior Composite Resins

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