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Endorsed and delivered by the ADA, taking into account the COVID-19 context, this course is the premier source of contemporary infection prevention and control (IPC) information for the dental profession in 2021.
We know the dental profession trusts ADA NSW to distil vast amounts of dynamic information into sensible and manageable risk-based, outcomes-focused implementation strategies. Our goal is to support practice teams to streamline their infection control programmes as this can improve performance, efficiency and team confidence.
This course focuses on the key elements required to strategically manage infection risk in dental practices and how to empower teams with purpose-driven values to protect the public…and themselves. As the peak body for the profession, we use performance-based data to inform high impact and targeted education resources – this course is based on the top areas of opportunity identified in hundreds of dental practices and the practical, evidence-based, strategies to improve performance.
Almost 3000 people have attended this constantly evolving ADA course to reflect the dynamic landscape of IPC. 
This course is suitable for all registered dental practitioners, Australian Dental Council candidates, prosthetists, dental practice teams, industry and product representatives and consumer advocates.

If you’re booking an IPC course and need accommodation for your visit please email us for discounted accommodation rates.

We have many practice teams attending this course to streamline their infection control programs as a group.  If there isn’t a course date and location that suits your team please contact Practice Services (02) 8436 9927 to discuss the possibility of arranging a course at a location near you.

Topics include

  • COVID-19! What just happened? What do you have to do now?
  • Safe systems of work and risk based decision making
  • The regulatory landscape for IPC and how this affects healthcare consumer expectations
  • What affects IPC compliance and team performance – and what to do about it
  • Harnessing the power of policy decisions to streamline practice operations
  • How to complete a steriliser log and why it must be accurate
  • Principles for steriliser testing and indicator use
  • Spaulding classification and why this makes all the difference
  • Objective approach to Batch Control Identification
  • Confidence with storage of instruments and managing the environment
  • The Top 5 IPC areas of opportunity for over 200 dental practices – lessons learned

Learning Objectives

  • Make risk based IPC decisions based on evidence
  • Gain contemporary knowledge of IPC principles
  • Confidence with COVID-19 management in practice
  • Understand the common grey areas – and make them black and white for your practice
  • Objectively review the status quo with a quality improvement mindset
  • The ADA have a lot of resources to help you - learn about how they can make life easier
  • Understanding the regulatory framework for IPC that applies to dental practitioners
  • Understand what IPC requirements are related to dental practice accreditation
  • Confidence with the latest documents and information that should be at hand
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Infection Prevention and Control - Continuing to Achieve Best Practice

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