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Practice teams want confidence that their Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) processes are compliant and best practice to enhance public safety. 

Understanding what is required and then implementing these processes at the practice is not always easy. Last year ADA NSW’s Kylie Robb reviewed over 100 dental practice’s IPC processes and has since utilised that experience to create a targeted course that reveals what the key IPC areas of opportunity are for practices, breaks down what specifically needs to be done to achieve IPC best practice and highlights common ‘bloopers’ and what to do about them. 

This course aims to build participants confidence with their Infection Prevention and Control processes by highlighting straightforward strategies to reduce risk, ensure best practice and improve efficiency. It is suitable for the entire team.

Topics include

  • What are the key Infection Prevention and Control areas?
  • What affects compliance and team performance?
  • What is the top area of opportunity for improvement….and why?
  • When would transmission-based precautions apply?
  • Batch Control Identification
  • Storage of instruments, the practice environment and more
  • PPE vs Uniform – what do I have to do?
  • Sterilising room – where do most practices go wrong?
  • Endodontics, the lab, and handpieces – give me the facts
  • How to complete steriliser logs; and what else do you have monitor in the steri?
  • Spaulding classification and why this makes all the difference

Learning Objectives

  • Gain knowledge and confidence with the key IPC areas and learn how to implement these successfully
  • Understand what contemporary hand hygiene principles involve and how to apply them in a dental practice
  • Apply efficient strategies to reprocess instruments
  • Confidently set-up the treatment room for IPC success
  • Identify what specific testing of equipment and indicators are required
  • Implement an effective practice cleaning schedule
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Infection Prevention and Control - Achieving Best Practice

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