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Lumps, Bumps, Ulcers and Pain

Patients present with seemingly a bewildering range of diseases and disorders of oral cavity and indeed the stomatognathic system, that is the TMJ’s, salivary glands, muscles, nerves and the lips. The aim of this course is to provide a straight-forward approach to recognition and diagnosis of the significant oral pathology such as oral cancer and potentially malignant oral disorders, painful oral conditions and an approach and guidance to complex oro-facial pain.

Topics include

The “Medical History” – its importance and the starting point in the diagnosis and management of dental and maxillofacial disorders 

Oral Pathology
Descriptors, terms and definitions 

Disorders of the lips and oral mucosa 
Recognition, diagnosis and management

Oro-Facial Pain
Recognition, diagnosis and management

Salivary Gland Diseases 
Salivary hypofunction (hyposalivation)
Approach to diagnosis and management

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Oral Medicine for the General Dental Practitioner

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