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The Dynamics and Dilemmas of Drugs in Dentistry

This program is targeted at linking all dental conditions and indications with appropriate and evidence-based prescribing protocols. 

Understanding the intricate use of drugs and their dental benefits sets the foundation of sound prescribing rationales within the dental scope. We as dentists deal with a plethora of drugs. From the compact list, we usually prescribe, to the extensive lists we are exposed to in our many patient medical history appraisals. 

We are expected to know as much about the drugs we don’t prescribe as the one’s we do prescribe - their uses, modes of action, adverse reactions and various other interactions. Coupled with the ever-growing list of “generics” on the market, it is quite easy to become overwhelmed and confused.

The overall aim of this program is to become well versed with the numerous drug classes and treatment modalities, to better increase our prescribing habits and expand our drug armamentarium. 

Expanding your prescribing power and knowledge of drugs and disease will result in enhanced patient management and superior patient outcome.
The evidence-based approach of this program will expand your prescribing power and knowledge of drugs and disease, resulting in superior patient management.

Topics include

• Principles of prescribing in dentistry
• Medicinal pharmacology in dentistry
• Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics
• Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs
• Clinical pharmacotherapeutics in dentistry (partitioned into two sections)
• Drug interactions and drug substitutions
• Patient medical history analysis
• Special patient groups - (Children, geriatrics, pregnant and breastfeeding, hepatic and renal impairment)
• OTC (over-the-counter) and herbal remedies
• Drugs for your dental practice
• Future drugs in dentistry
• Drug information centers and reference texts for dental practices

Learning Objectives

Demonstrate an understanding for the therapeutic applications of drugs, based on their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics 

Explore the physicochemical and molecular properties underlying drug action, drug metabolism, bio-activation and inactivation within the scope of clinical therapeutics governing dental prescribing;

Understand the design, formulation and manufacture of various pharmaceutical dosage forms within the scope of dental prescribing;

An understanding of the pharmacy profession, the Australian Health Care and drug distribution systems, and the National Medicines Policy, including the National Strategy for Quality Use of Medicines;

Reviewing the legal prescribing rights of dentists, correct prescription writing protocols, clinical effects of changing formulations, therapeutic dosage regimens, drug scheduling and the prescribing of PBS/non-PBS approved medications;

Understanding drug monographs, clinical indications/contra- indications, precautions, MOA (mechanisms of action), side effect profiles, brand names, product lines and brand substitution, PBS listings and off -label uses, including specific patient counselling points and treatment considerations within the dental context;

Understanding the effects of disease, other drugs, and the genetic variations with respect to drug responses and clinical outcomes;

Exploring drug information centres and clinical reference texts for daily practice use;

Discuss specific drug interactions in dental prescribing and what action(s) to take.

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Drugs in Dentistry - Dental Prescribing, Pharmacology & Clinical Therapeutics

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