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Dental Sedation Refresher Course
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Sat 23 Nov 2024

8:00AM - 4:30PM

Centre for Professional Development, 1 Atchison St, ST LEONARDS NSW 2065

Non-Member Dentist: $1337.00
ADA Member (non NSW): $990.00
ADA NSW Member: $990.00

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This is an annual refresher course for those who are already endorsed, conscious sedation practitioners. This course focuses on improving the day-to-day practice of IV and other sedation by providing dental sedationists with information on changes in sedation practice, pharmacology and techniques. It provides you and your registered nurse the opportunity to manage sedation and its associated emergencies in a controlled environment using simulation.

The assessment also confirms correct techniques in the preparation and conduct of sedation and the management of adverse events including the use of basic and advanced life support in the management of respiratory and cardiac arrest. 

The course operates under Chatham House rules and no assessment materials other than the final results are retained by the course managers. All audiovisual material is deleted at the end of the course during the final course wrap up.

This course has been approved by the Dental Board of Australia.

Designed For

Endorsed conscious sedation practitioners

Learning Objectives

  • To maintain and upgrade the knowledge and skills of qualified and practicing dental sedationists in sedation practice within dental surgery

  • Espouse risk management approach and teamwork in the provision of sedation to dental patients 

  • Practice the sedationist in the management of adverse events using high grade simulation before assessing the sedationist’s capacity to safely select patients for sedation 

  • Identify the risks associated with underlying medical complications; and 

  • Undertake safe sedation in the appropriate setting to meet the assessed risks presented by the patient’s physical state


A good understanding of emergency resuscitation techniques forms a pre-requisite to this course as participants are required to demonstrate competency in CPR, airway management and the use IV. IM and oral medications during the training. 

Pre-reading will be sent out two weeks prior to the course starting

Other Information

Referring dentists attending with their sedationist register at a special rate of $400. Contact admin@adacpd.com.au for registration details.

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Dental Sedation Refresher Course

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