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Re-applying the basics in a brave new world: the place of Amalgam in the modern surgery

Maligned, Misused, Misunderstood? Amalgam is fast becoming a relic of restorative dentistry, but perhaps the potential of its rightful place in the modern surgery has not been fully applied in the context of today’s many restorative options. This course will invite participants to regain familiarity with an old friend, or make friends with an old enemy – whatever the case, it will add a valuable tool to the armamentarium of any dentist who wishes to practice sound ethical dentistry in today’s challenging dental ‘market’. An update on the current state of play and potential future of amalgam in various medico-legal contexts will also be explored.

Topics include

  • Re-introduction to the basics: materials and clinical restorative dentistry
  • Examining the literature: what’s best when and where?
  • Application of restorative principles: preparing for long-term success
  • Hands-on exercises featuring complex amalgam restorations
  • Update on amalgam in various legal contexts

Learning Objectives

  • Exercise appropriate case selection for successful outcomes
  • Apply the fundamental principles of restoration and cavity design in various clinical scenarios
  • Evaluate design restorations based on clinical needs
  • Define current requirements around amalgam use and disposal
Listen to the podcast by Dr John Cho in the lead up to his upcoming course.


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