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The Best Simple and Effective Root Canal Treatment with Rotary and Reciprocation

Detailed theory and hands-on presentation of rotary and reciprocation systems and how they may deliver successful root canal treatments with even the most difficult clinical cases while maintaining best clinical practice, and how this drastically reduces problems related to root canal preparation.

This full-day course will provide greater understanding and experience in the Mtwo and NEW RECIPROC BLUE systems and the Endodontic procedure. The hands-on sections provide practical and easily applicable benefits to you in your practice. 

Understand how to achieve the optimal root canal preparation from both theoretical practical perspectives.

Learn why Reciprocation is the growth trend in Endodontics in achieving excellent clinical outcomes.

Topics include

  • Understand the Mtwo rotary technique and how to improve your canal preparation and achieve conservative dentistry 

  • Understand reciprocating movement and the Reciproc instruments: basic features and step by step technique, experience the flexibility of the Reciproc Blue file which can be   pre bent 

  • Clinical use and how to manage difficult cases using Reciproc instruments

  • Considerations about root canal debridement and disinfection 

  • Single-file preparation and root canal obturation

  • Electronic apex locator, technique and trouble shooting 

  • Obturation of the prepared teeth, quality and technique using carrier-based filling technique and conventional lateral condensation

  • Severely curved canals and how to approach them 

Learning Objectives

  • Appreciate the benefits of the Mtwo rotary system 

  • Understand the basic concepts of reciprocation in Endodontics

  • Know the main characteristics  and clinical procedure with of the Reciproc instruments

  • Understand the rationale of Reciproc single-file technique

  • Be able to use the Reciproc instruments on resin blocks and extracted teeth

  • •Become conversant with the new GuttaFusion carrier-based filling technique

  • Be able to use Guttafusion on resin blocks and extracted teeth

  • Improve your obturation technique by practicing the matched master cone and carrier systems with Beefill 2 in 1 warm obturation technique 

Other Information

Testimonial - "Excellent theoretical refresher, an update on relevant research and practical tips to take away" 

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Achieving Effective Root Canal Treatment

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